How To Forgive Yourself- A Little Story

This is a really big one, and we don’t do this enough – forgive yourself. We often think of forgiving as an act we usually do for others. The Hidden Meaning of Forgiving Forgiveness offers us empowering energy. Let’s break

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how to honor your emotions

Honor Your Emotions

Your emotions are important messages from your soul. Are you honoring your emotions? Have you ever been talking to someone and they just begin to cry or have an emotion well up in you for no apparent reason? Consider taking

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There is something very special about feminine energy. Have you noticed the songs about how women light up a room, or make someone’s day with a smile.

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Children are perpetually in a state of wonder. When adults bring that feeling into their aura, we generate new possibilities and positivity.

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We love to connect. How are you connecting? Are you making the most of your connecting time? Be discerning with your connection time. And remember to take time to connect to yourself. Let’s chat about the power of connection and

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Need some inspiration or feeling inspired. Inspiration is juicy. Being inspired is a state you remain open to. Sometimes inspiration just hits you and other times you call it towards you. We live in dynamic times. To be inspiring and

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Power-full You

Some say, you are more power-full than you know. We’re reframing the word power. In other words, we’re not talking about power over or force.

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We’re taking on the power of positivity. How do you heal? Being self-soothing and resilient can help.

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The Gift of Curiosity

Are you a curious person? Curiosity is the gift that can create a lifetime of great experiences, relationships and excellent communication.

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