Practice Radical Self-Acceptance as a Self-Care Approach

Self-care is an act of tending to one’s physical, emotional, and mental health. But with our overwhelming responsibilities, we sometimes deprioritize one of the three aspects. Other times we have great intentions to do more self-care, but we don’t know where to start.

Here’s a suggestion, today start with self-acceptance. Contemplate this question:
What can you acknowledge yourself (positively) for today?

When you shift your perspective from critical to curious, a whole new world fueled by self-acceptance begins to emerge.

Imagine how your life would occur differently as you reside in a state of curiosity, wonder, and self-acceptance.

When you’re wondering what might be the next self-care act, simply be kind and gentle with yourself, and take a moment to slow down. You will begin to feel the magic that life has to offer you.

Watch this episode of the Fuel Your Fire Retreat. Laura Rubinstein talked about how to practice radical self-acceptance and perseverance on the path of self-care — two principles taken from the Feminine Power Cards deck that will help you maintain a powerful inner dialogue.

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