After a 7 year relationship ended, I was devastated and determined to finding my way back to having a deeply connected and harmonious relationship with a partner. I found that the journey to getting what I wanted outwardly was actually a journey inward. As I discovered nuggets of wisdom that I wanted to embody I wrote them down on index cards and began exploring how to embody these principles. My new practices for each principle resulted in shifting into abundant joy in my soul, easy manifesting of my desires, and ultimately a loving adoring honorable man in my life. 

The Feminine Power Cards came out of my personal experience and every time I share them, it’s uncanny that the reaction is 99% of the time a verbal, “I love these cards.” Dr. John Gray, PhD author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, was one of the first to say that out loud when I showed him the prototype deck.  

Now I live dedicated to growing conscious relationships and cultivating feminine essence for this is how I found ecstatic joy, passion, love for both myself and attracted my divine life partner and beloved husband. 

When women connect consciously to their feminine energy and love themselves deeply, humans will give up shame, blame, guilt. We will have more compassion, kindness and . In fact, we will be unrecognizable in a truly extraordinary way.

If you want more harmony and peace in your soul, join me. Let’s stay connected, follow our blog, practice with the Feminine Power Cards and love more.

If you have questions about your current state of mind and heart, I welcome you to bring them forth so we may explore them together. I offer only my opinion and I am forever growing. Thank you in advance for your love, contribution and wonderful heart. Here’s to your joy!

Remember… who you are is Magnificent.

Love and Light,


Laura Rubinstein Feminine Power Facilitator, bestselling author.

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