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Feminine Wisdom Circle - come play with us

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  •   Topic: The Magic of Intention
  •   Date: Monday, July 29, 2024
  •   Time: 5:00 pm PDT
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Body & Soul Nourishing

When we consciously slow down the pace at which we live, we allow for something to emerge that otherwise may have gone unnoticed or tapped into.

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As we come together and create sacred space an unfolding occurs of a powerful sisterhood who all have each other's hearts.


Your life lessons, practiced talents, innate abilities, and passions matter. You may choose to express your gold. We will strengthen your vision and goals during our wisdom circle process.

Your event includes:

Do what you need for yourself.

  • 2 Yummy meals and snacks throughout
  • Cooking demo
  • Time to connect with yourself and/or other women leaders
  • 1 Deck of Feminine Power Cards
  • Sound Healing 
  • Movement session
  • SoulCollage (intuitive collage process and reading) 
  • Heart-Storming Wisdom circles – share your process, receive what you need
  • Walk in nature
  • EnlightenMe Box session with Vasi for clearing high priority limiting beliefs
  • Feminine Power Integration coaching session with Laura
  • Guided relaxation
  • Juicy time in community with other women leaders like you
  • Be sure to include: 7 week Ignite Your Feminine Soul virtual playshop

Who are our programs for?

Female Leaders

  • Successful women who want to be taken seriously as powerful 
  • Those who want to leave a legacy of a more harmonious world
  • Women who have a deep desire to lead from their heart, speak from their soul, and cause meaningful/powerful transformations
  • Women who value a welcoming compassionate space to explore, release, and heighten awareness of your highest potential
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Meet Laura Rubinstein, Feminine Power Catalyst

Laura Rubinstein feminine power catalyst

“When you connect to your heart, you create true fulfillment, healing and love. My intention for every gathering, retreat and program is that you fill your cup so much that you have more clarity, energy, and wisdom that enhances your life.”

Laura has been leading transformational women’s gatherings, retreats, and courses for women leaders since 1991. She is the creator of the Feminine Power Cards, endorsed by John Gray, PhD. As a Hypnotherapist, Master Leadership Coach, and Marketing Strategist she supports women to fully engage their magnificence, manifest with ease, and transform their businesses, bodies, and relationships.

Meet Vasi Huntalas, Intuitive Coach & Mindset Mentor

Vasi Huntalas

“We are all Master Creators. While we live from our beliefs, we create most easily and powerfully from our Truth. My intention is for you to deeply connect with your True Self so that you make the bigger impact you dream of making from joy and flow.”

Vasi has been supporting and inspiring women for over 20 years to unleash their inner Master Creator through intuitive coaching, transformational retreats, and intuitive art workshops. As a Master Intuitive Coach and Mindset Mentor, she guides women to release limiting beliefs and tap into their deep wisdom so they create a fulfilling life and business from their heart and soul.

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