How To Go Within, Shift Your Energy, and Create Great Peace of Mind

feminine power of slowing downIn this increasingly anxious world, we often get caught up in a frenzy to find the right answers to calm ourselves and be able to take action. Many times we find ourselves searching for answers outside of ourselves. When in reality, the answer is within. If only we were to look for it.

We give our power away when we believe someone else knows or has the answer. But what if you already have all your answers? I’m not saying don’t get advice. In other words, when you begin to rely on your own inner wisdom, you make better decisions and feel more confident as a result.

Thus, when you don’t know where to go, go within.

Most of us are not used to listening to our inner wisdom. We often react emotionally, try to logic things out, or search for answers externally.

How To Go Within & Get Your Highest Answers

To start cultivating your inner wisdom listening skills, get curious about your own feelings and emotions. Get curious about why you react a certain way. When we stop worrying about what others think and instead focus on our own feelings, the truth has space to emerge.

Presence your emotions and feel into them… notice the thoughts and ideas that come along. Perhaps you can then name the emotion and what you are feeling. Maybe you’ll identify what triggered it.

Beware, however, of going down the thinking rabbit hole. If you find that your emotions are creating more negative energy, likely your thoughts are doing a number on you and there is a lot of judgment happening. Instead, breathe and feel. Go back to curiosity. Something subtle happens when you allow yourself to witness your emotions and let go of the grip of any stigma or judgment about them. Accept the emotions and the feelings they bring up as OK.

The feelings that develop then have a chance to calm way down and you may even find that their energy changes.

This will require slowing down. Yep, I said it. Bring your awareness to your breath, practice listening beyond the thoughts and for the information in your emotions and you’ll likely receive resolution, insight, and best options as long as you remove the pressure for that to happen.

With the practice of identifying and presencing your emotions and being with your feelings, you will begin to trust yourself. Eventually, it becomes a habit to go within and listen. Taking 5 minutes to slow down, breathe, and get curious can bring you clarity and save you hours in your day.

To connect with yourself, get grounded, and become centered, allow the chatter in your head to be there. Try not to resist what is there, be with it. There are a variety of ways you can go within including:, including working in the garden, walking a labyrinth, listening to music, relaxing with a coffee, and whatever else helps you relax.

How To Interrupt the Pattern

Sometimes, getting to the place of slowing down just isn’t working. If you feel like you are not in touch, connected, and just want to reset, my advice is to NOT push it. When you are in a mode that does not feel quite right to you, then you may need to interrupt the energy you currently have.

Stop and take 5 slower breaths. Extend that into 5 minutes if you need to. When you focus on your breathing, then you are going inwardly. You’ve heard people recommend meditating. Instead of putting pressure on yourself to “meditate,” simply take a few breaths and bring your awareness to your breath. That’s a great start.

Change Your Energy

If I only have a minute I will just do 10 jumping jacks in my kitchen to just move my body. Physical movement is good for the mind. I may not have time to do a workout but I can do a few jumping jacks or listen to some spa music and poof I am in a different mindset.

Keep a Proactive Action List. I write on the back of a business card some simple ideas of ways I can shift my energy in just a few seconds and keep it in my wallet, or you can keep a list on your phone that you can refer to. Buy a Feminine Power Card Deck. It’s a great energy-shifting tool. You can pick a card any time you want to reconnect, go within, and/or shift your energy that will open you up to healing, resolution, and ultimately peace of mind.

Now before you go on with your day, take a moment and take 3 deep breaths. Inhaling slowly, focus exhale as you are ready, and repeat. Nice!

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