Honor Your Emotions

Your emotions are important messages from your soul.

Are you honoring your emotions? Have you ever been talking to someone and they just begin to cry or have an emotion well up in you for no apparent reason? Consider taking the time to feel your emotions. Give them some space and time. You might just be surprised how they will empower, enlighten and guide you.

How do you best honor your emotions? It’s quite simple. Take a moment to pause, breathe, and notice what you feel. Don’t jump to any conclusions. Just be curious. This is an opportunity to honor your emotions in and let them know it’s a safe place to feel them. Have the awareness to stop your mind and simply be present with what is happening at the moment.

Back to crying… Let’s change the stigma around that. Crying is so cathartic and it allows us to go through a wave of feelings that we need to move through to go forward. Crying is freeing because it is an emotional release. Yes, you want to cry with someone you trust or in private.

The Power of Awareness

When you cultivate your awareness you will begin to understand more about yourself and others. You will likely find the wisdom of your emotions to your benefit and others.

Emotions move through our bodies in only 90-second cycles. When experiencing this wave, this is the perfect time to honor your emotions. If you need to cry, go ahead and do it. If you need to punch a pillow do that. If you need a hug, ask for one. First, get curious about your emotions, try to name them, analyze them, and talk yourself through what is going on with your feelings, emotions, and body. And ask yourself two power questions

  • What am I feeling?
  • How do I want to feel?
  • What do I need in order to feel that way?

How To Honor Others’ Feelings

Honor others’ feelings as well, I know when I see someone in discomfort you want to approach and hug or touch them, but what you are actually doing is breaking their energy. Break their cycle of being in touch with their own emotions. It’s hard not to but it’s important that you continue to keep your space and be there and available when they are ready to reach out to you.

“Your Feelings are Amazing”

There is a lot of anxiety within our society. We need to stop pushing our emotions down. When we start to provide tools to support others to feel and understand their feelings. Listen to the messages from your soul, and learn and grow through your emotions. When you are pushing down your feelings it’s like pushing your soul down.

Pass on that positive energy. The next time you have intense emotions, positive or informative. Stay with it, the initial reaction is not always the ultimate message, sometimes if you hold on, and walk yourself through it, there might be a deeper message there.

Practice Time

To practice honoring your emotions,  breathe deeply, fully, and gently. Embrace your feelings as a gift. Then journal or meditate and allow the gift to be revealed. There are times you don’t want to feel all your feelings. That’s ok as long as you don’t stuff your feelings or numb them out. Instead, make a specific time with yourself to feel them. Yes, it’s a little scary. But stay in curiosity. Calm your internal judger with some compassion.

Use Your Breath

Now, just take a deep breath into our bodies and feel what we are feeling and make it ok. You get more present in the moment, do you feel it?


An additional strategy I use is to collage it. We use images without words, it activates your brain and your body in a different way, when you look at a picture it’s worth a thousand words. It’s another way to express yourself, bring out your brilliance, and let go of illusions that you have for yourself. You can join us on SoulCollageSanDiego.com and we have all the materials available for you but you can do this at home, using your own imagery, or magazines.

Images can help you to express that feeling of where you are and where you want to be. This is a joyful process, even when you are not feeling good, if you step into a curious mindset you can work through, ride the wave, your wave of emotions. Your personal power is in your emotions, especially for us women we need to check into and be in alignment with our emotions and use them as our cutting-edge tool.

Relish your emotions!

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