Ignite Your Feminine Soul

Playshop / Course

Embody and Expand Your Influence as a Woman Leader

Ignite Your Feminine Soul is the process for soul-level connection with high-impact women to:

  • Explore your power
  • Master communicating from your essence
  • Manifest juicier relationships
  • Create more connected relationships in all areas of your life
  • Connect deeply and authentically with like-hearted women leaders

Would you like to:

  • Amplify your powerful feminine leader essence
  • Find your right balance of masculine and feminine energies and be seen as the powerful leader you are
  • Be heard and taken more seriously
  • Know how to generate more results with less energy and feel in alignment
  • Develop new and/or deeper connections with a beloved
  • Have a place to safely connect with women who hold your heart and want to see you shine
Imagine women bringing our sacred energies together. As we do we go from our living in our silos to creating synergy. Manifesting our visions becomes effortless. There is a gravitational pull created in this environment of sharing and receiving that generates momentum for all. We welcome your precious energy, wisdom, and love to our universe.

Who this program is for?

Female Leaders

This program is for you if you deeply desire to…

  1. Discover the secrets to living gracefully while being viewed as the dynamic compelling and irresistible leader you are (and be taken seriously)
  2. Embody the full power of your feminine essence and feel like you’re in the flow in your life
  3. Never feel like you are being viewed as weak.
  4. Attract the right people, opportunities, and support with ease
  5. Cultivate a juicier romantic life

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Dates & Times

Seven Wednesday Evenings:
5 pm Pacific / 7 pm Central / 8 pm Eastern
1.5 hours 

  • June 12, 19, 26 
  • July 3, 10, 17, 24
When registering be sure to include the Spalicious Retreat in San Diego
on June 5, 7 & 8

During this program you will

Elevate Your Joy

When we consciously slow down the pace at which we live, we tap into joy and allow for something to emerge that otherwise may have gone unnoticed or tapped into.

Amplify Your Authentic Power

Deepen your radiance and stand in your power and be taken seriously.

Manifest with Confidence

When consciously exploring feminine energy and opening your heart to your authentic power, you can attract what you desire and create flow in your life.


Create a community of women leaders who hold your heart and nourish your soul.

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Women Leader Role Models

Connect with other women leaders who share wisdom and reveal how they leverage their feminine essence.

Balance Masculine & Feminine Energies

Engage all your energies to work together (without feeling conflicted).

This program includes:

  • 8 Virtual Live Experiential gatherings – for practicing the feminine
  • Access to the Replays of discussion topics
  • Community Connections on WhatsApp
  • Weekend “Spalicious” Retreat participation (special package price)

Do what you need for yourself.

Sign up now and receive these Bonus gifts:

  • Deck of Feminine Power Cards endorsed by John Gray, PhD
  • Opportunities to facilitate during the in-person retreat
  • VIP Upgrade – One on one sessions to support your journey and specific needs (at a special rate/reduced fee packages)
  • Feminine Marketing Language Cheat Sheet

Intentions for the Program

Ignite your life!

  • You’ll belong to a community of women leaders who hold your heart and nourish your soul
  • Radiate as a dynamic and irresistible leader
  • Stand in your power and be taken seriously
  • Create juicier relationships
  • Balance your masculine with feminine
  • Have women role models who lead from their essence 
  • Know how to manifest with confidence
  • Engage all your energies to work together (without feeling conflicted) 
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Overview of the 8-week Program

Week 1

Connect to your feminine self. Nurture your feminine soul

  • Soften in a safe space
  • See yourself in a new light – identify your fear pattern and your core essential nature
  • Cultivate positive energy toward yourself and synergy in your life

Week 2

Women are Rulers and Healers of the World

  • Define your role as a ruler healer
  • Explore ceremony and ritual
  • Declare your identity as a ruler/healer

Week 3

Flip into Feminine Power in Relationship

  • Explore the Masculine Feminine continuum from a leadership point of view
  • How to flip the switch to have your feminine lead your masculine
  • Discover when men open up and how to get there with them

Week 4

The Potency of Joy/Magnify Your Attraction - Magnetism

  • How to experience love, joy and that spark for life at any moment
  • How to become irresistible
  • The power and magic of mistake making

Week 5

Understanding Men & How to Be Taken Seriously while expressing yourself

  • Receiving well as a power igniter
  •  Appreciation of your unique expression of feminine power
  • Hear from a panel of men and discover what they really think and when they take a woman seriously

Week 6

Creating Sacred Space and Feeling Safe

  • 7 forms of Feminine Power
  • Expand inner light
  • Receive more from your community
  • Easily develop momentum for your sacred work

Week 7

Integration Time: Get into the Flow

  • Take your new awareness and explore how they apply to your everyday life
  • Connect fully to your feminine essence
  • Release resistance, fear, or attachment to outdated paradigms
  • Easily access joy and your flow state
  • Connect with the Sisters In Synergy Community
  • Discover your next level journey

Fill Your Cup with Self Love

Fill Your Cup


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What are awesome

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Here you can find everything that you need.

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