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Dear Heart-Centered Friends,

If you’ve been feeling as though something is missing in your life and you want to finally put yourself first and experience more love and joy in your life… then I invite you to read on as I share the intimate details of my story and the solutions that are making a difference for women today.

There Must Be More to Life Than This…

Does this sound like you?

  • You rarely take rejuvenation time for yourself.
  • Everyone puts demands on you: your family, children, friends, spouse, partner, clients, boss.
  • No matter how hard you try or what you do, your relationship is missing or missing the passion.
  • You’re the last person you give your time and attention to because your To-Do list is never finished.
  • You’re lucky if you treat yourself to a massage once a year.
  • You feel drained and barely connected to any sense of your own feminine energy.
  • You feel frustrated because you know there must be more to life than this.

The Collective Energy of Women Can Change Your Life

You’re not alone in this dilemma women face today. So many of us lead busy lives, trying to do it all, and feeling too exhausted to spend an ounce of time or energy on ourselves. Women today actually can have a more passionate, peaceful, creative and successful experience but are on a path that won’t let them get there. Instead they are exhausted. Going it alone is a big part of the problem. The other part of the problem is…

When a woman puts her joy, fulfillment, and pleasure last on her list that’s what I call a CRISIS. Perhaps you know what to do about this. You try to make time for yourself, but you’re inconsistent. If you recognize yourself here, I have something special to share with you. First, you may relate to my journey:

My Fiancé Broke Our Engagement & My Boss Fired Me

It wasn’t all that long ago when my life was falling apart: in one day my fiancé declared he didn’t want to marry me, and my boss dismissed me from my job. I was heart-broken, devastated, deeply confused and hurt. My entire future as I’d imagined it was wiped out from underneath me in less than 24 hours. Worst of all I didn’t like myself much.

Though it was an incredibly emotional day, it turned out to be one of most important days in my life. The door to a new life had swung wide open. I saw these negative events as a message and opportunity to look at myself closely.

I Began a Passionate Quest

I started on a passionate quest to understand how I got myself to this place, and how I could get to a place where I would experience a deeply loving relationship, and a fulfilling and financially rewarding career.

I immersed myself in therapy and personal and professional development programs. I sought out mentors who had what I wanted. I read relationship books, studied new fields of interest. I journaled, surrounded myself with great girlfriends, and participated in spiritual retreats and teachings.

I made plenty of mistakes and most importantly I started practicing what I was learning. Out of these experiences many things emerged, including:

  • A profound body of evolving wisdom about women’s power,
  • a variety of resources to help women find their own path and purpose, and
  • connections to like-minded women who deeply care and support each other.

My Life Totally Transformed

Today I am married to a wonderful man with whom I’ve created a relationship where we have extraordinary communication, support for each others’ passions, common values, and lots of fun. Plus, I own a corporation dedicated to inspiring women and business owners to know themselves deeply and live their passions.

Feminine Power Tools to Transform Your Life

Feminine Power Package

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The principles revealed in the Feminine Power Cards can instantly guide you to serenity, life balance, joy and soul-connected relationships. PLUS, you will receive thousands of dollars of gifts with your purchase of the cards. The Feminine Power Pack includes all these wonderful gifts:

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Do you long to live in a world where children are safe, relationships between men and women thrive, nations are peaceful with each other and our air, food and water are clean? Then you’re in the right place. Our world is out of balance, change is imperative and women are the key to the successful transition.

Women have proven that we can be “superwomen.” And unfortunately it has left us exhausted and getting sick because we have forgotten the power of our feminine essence. Can you relate to these?

  • Is taking time for yourself a distant dream?

  • Is your “To Do” list never ending?

  • Do you desire to be nurtured?

  • Would you love to let go of some major stressors in your life?

  • Has life-work balance been beyond your grasp for years?

Is this Your Wake Up Call?

It was a little over a decade ago when I was stressed out with my career and in an unhappy relationship. I didn’t feel much joy in my life yet everything seemed from the outside like it was going well. Then one day, my fiance at the time decided that he was not going to marry me and left. Though it was a tough and heart breaking experience, I thank my lucky stars today for that event. You see, I was being given a wake up call and an opportunity. It was then when I realized something had to change and it was ME (not him). When I took on my power and decided to search within myself I discovered a whole new world of possibility for joy, abundance and rich and juicy relationships. So if you can relate to struggling in life and unsure where to turn to get support, you’re not alone.

The Crisis Women Face Today

So many of us lead busy lives, trying to do it all, and feeling too exhausted to spend an ounce of time or energy on ourselves. Many women today actually can have a more passionate, peaceful, creative and successful experience, but are on a path that won’t let them get there. Instead they are frazzled. Going it alone is a big part of the problem. The other part of the problem is…

When a woman puts her joy, fulfillment, and pleasure last on her list that’s what I call a CRISIS. And I know you know what to do about this. You try to make time for yourself, and then you’re inconsistent. If you recognize yourself here, then changing your life for the better is imperative. I have the solution.

Calling ALL Women

This is your wake up call. I am calling ALL women who desire to eliminate stress, heal emotional wounds and create better relationships to contribute to the cause (our Feminine Power Movement) by taking 1-step towards positive change. And I will help you.

Support You Need IS FINALLY HERE

When was the last time someone told you to give yourself a break and you did? When like-minded women come together and focus on change, nothing can stop us. I know because it was the only way I was able to go from being devastated by a failed long-term relationship and career to running my own successful corporation and attracting the perfect partner for me and enjoying a deeply rewarding and juicy relationship with him. I made the journey thanks to the support of women who held my hand, nurtured my soul, encouraged me along the way and taught me about the amazing feminine power each woman has.

Would you like to tap into a rich resource and create change with ease?
Then the Feminine Power Movement is a must. 
I have created a way for us to join our energy and focus our intentions to create the better world we desire.

Introducing... The Feminine Power Movement

It’s simple to get involved and make a difference

Step 1:

Get your daily dose of your Feminine Energy (We recommend the Feminine Power Cards)

Step 2:

Stay in touch with other like-minded women (join our Heart Centered Woman Group on Facebook)

Step 3:

Get your relationship questions answered (our AskCoachLaura.com blog is a great place to start)

Step 4:

Seek support in creating amazing relationships with yourself and others (Virtual Girl Time and one-on-one mentoring with our ULTIMATE package)

Step 5:

Watch Your Life and The World shift

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Laura Rubinstein Women's Empowerment CoachAs a Certified Hypnotherapist and Master Leadership Coach, Laura Rubinstein inspires her clients to live their passion and have it all.

She is the founder of WomenInJoy.com and HeartCenteredWomen.com. Laura facilitates women’s programs and is author of Transform Your Body in the Mental GymTMand the Feminine Power Cards.

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