Is love happening with you?

Welcome to another Feminine Power tip about love. Have you thought about the most important question that has to do with love? Would having more love in your life be ok? Most people would be ok with some more love. In fact, our culture might just thrive a bit more with an infusion of love. So the card we are discussing in this week’s Feminine Friday’s show is all about how we can create more love for ourselves and in our everyday experience in the world.

Want more love? Laura and Diane inspire you to tap into the power of the side of you that doesn’t often get valued as powerful. The part of you that understand the power of love


can be use

Laura Rubinstein and Diane Halfman invite you to explore, wonder and feel more into your feminine energy.

You might enJOY life more and find more ease, peace and love. Come and hang out with us and add your energy. We’re live Friday’s on YouTube.