How To Get Confidence

Powerful Women Take Responsibility and Get Confidence

how to get confidenceAs a woman, who you are naturally is full of power so it is amazingly simple to get confidence. Let me call attention to who you are and why you can be confident… We have the ability to bring life into the world. I would call that magical.  Did you know that you can make someone’s day with a smile or a caring gesture? Of course you do.  

Women have been the guiding consciousness of society for centuries. The thing is, however, many of us forget how power-full we are and slip into feeling less than, taken advantage of, or never seem to get the respect we deserve. What if the reason these things are happening is because we simply forgot who we are.  

Remembering that you are powerful means taking responsibility for having what you want in life. Whoops, I said it… the R word. Yes, imagine living from this paradigm: You can have anything you say you want if you’re willing to make the decisions that will ensure you get it. Sounds easy right? With enough practice it will become a habit. 

Three Steps to Gaining Confidence and Personal Power

Step 1: Be honest. Ask yourself, “What am I feeling?” Name a feeling that doesn’t involve another causing it. For example, are you feeling tired, lonely, sad, upset, angry, guilty, ashamed, frustrated, etc. It is best to use words do not imply blame. When you blame someone else you don’t feel powerful. In fact, blame gives your power away to someone else and leaves you stuck. Instead, own your feelings and acknowledge them to yourself.

Step 2: Ask yourself, “What do I really want to feel?” Typically it is to feel loved, to have friends who celebrate you, etc. Answer it with the underlying essence of the feeling you want to experience. 

Step 3: Ask yourself, “How can I provide that for myself? It may mean ending a friendship, speaking less to a family member, asking for a hug, taking a bath, doing something special for yourself, or simply giving yourself some time off. Whatever is authentically in your highest good for you to do, go for it. 


If you go through this process over and over, you will begin to notice something happening over time. People don’t upset you as much. Those who used to take advantage of you disappear or change their attitude. Most of all you feel great. You generate joy because you decide to!

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