What is Feminine Energy?

Many people have asked me to define “feminine.” For years, my answer to this question is that each person has their own definition of what feminine means to them. This still holds true. That being said, I now have an analogy for what the essence of feminine energy means to me. See if you can relate to or get this:

The feminine is like fire. It can be warm, create an intimate atmosphere, creates light, produces heat, powerful energy. It is transformative, turn solid into liquid, raw into cooked – a state-changer. Often it is associated with magic – turns dark spaces into light. It can be dangerous, it can be mesmerizing and luring, it can burn, destroy, it can be sacred and revered. When mishandled, misunderstood it can rage out of control. When focused, honored, given conscious attention and channeled appropriately it can be a divine healing connecting force. This is the power of the feminine.

What analogies work for you?

In Joy,

Coach Laura

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