Feminine Tips

What Speaks Louder Actions or Words?

Developing discernment is your greatest feminine asset. Cultivate your ability to use your heart in alignment with your head. Then, you will make the best decisions for your self. That being said discerning others behaviors can be complicated when they say one thing but do another.

kindness matter feminine energy

Kindness Matters

Small Acts of Kindness You Can Do Today. They make a big difference. When kindness makes it into your daily way of being, your relationships flourish, your happiness soars and you esteem grows. That’s power.

The Calm In The Middle of Chaos

Take a slower deep breath. Hold it for a few seconds. Let it go slowly. Settle into your feminine and allow the magic in your life unfold. What would happen if you gave up the struggle, embraced what is natural, and went with it? Find out on this week’s show.